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faith, love, and sexuality Scott Bennion


A whole health—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—approach to life and love. My commitment is to support you in breaking free from limiting beliefs, self-defeating patterns, social conditioning, and blocks to sex, love, and more in a way that is nurturing and soothing to your whole person. It is my hope that you will then be able to experience a greater sense of purpose, passion, and pleasure as well as love and connection.


Every time we meet you can count on me to bring my pastor’s heart, I will listen deeply with full attention and presence. I provide you a supportive space that is safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental where you can speak from the heart about what matters to you, helping you to own your voice, while getting in touch with your needs, values, longings, and desires. It is my hope that in this place you will be able to release the guilt, shame, and fear that binds you.


Together we will c0-create a partnership that supports you in your work of self-discovery and personal growth. We will accomplish this through a client-centered approach that is holistic (psycho-spiritual-somatic) and that is educational without being directive. You will learn skills, tools, and practices to support you in communicating more effectively, living with greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and authenticity.

Scott Bennion of Sex, Love, and More

About Me

I am a lover of people, simply living, and roads less traveled.
Those who know me best describe me as tender-hearted with a sharp mind.

I am an ordained minister in private practice as a master’s level, board certified pastoral counselor, spiritual companion, and whole health coach. My practice integrates spirituality and mental health with a focus on faith, love, and sexuality.

My practice includes individuals and couples from all faiths, cultures, and lifestyles including those who consider themselves religious, spiritual but not religious, and/or who claim no particular faith tradition or spiritual path.

I help individuals and/or couples with areas such as:

  • understanding themselves as relates to relationships, sexuality, and spirituality; supporting them to integrate these areas in their life
  • seeking and finding freedom from sexual and relational brokenness
  • reconciling their faith and sexuality
  • struggling with what feels like unwanted or out of control sexual behavior
  • preparing to take the next steps in their relationship as well as those looking to revitalize their marriage, and where appropriate to heal, restore and transform it

As someone who has struggled with sexual and relational brokenness myself and come out on the other side with victory and freedom, my passion is to help people see life’s challenges and transitions as opportunities for transformation so they can live whole, healthy and satisfying lives, right here, right now.

Reach out to me today if you’re looking to move from surviving to thriving in any of the following areas:


  • Church Hurt
  • Doubt & Deconstruction
  • Existential Crisis
  • Finding Meaning & Purpose
  • Forgiveness
  • Grief & Loss
  • Guilt & Shame
  • Life Transitions
  • Moral Injury
  • Reclaiming / Recreating Spirituality
  • Religious & Spiritual Abuse
  • Spiritual Direction & Practices


  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Family
  • Fun & Adventure
  • Growth & Spirituality
  • Renew & Revitalize Relationships
  • Sex & Intimacy
  • Shared Purpose
  • Theology of Marriage
  • Trust & Commitment
  • Wishes, Hopes, & Dreams
  • Work & Money


  • Desire Discrepancy / Mismatched Desire
  • Fetishes & Kink
  • Healing & Growth
  • Low Desire
  • Out-of-control Sexual Behavior
  • Pornography
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Sexual Health
  • Sex & Intimacy
  • Sexual Orientation & Identity
  • Theology of Sexuality
  • Unwanted Sexual Behavior
Contact Me

Scott’s gifts include being able to hone in both on what I am saying and what I am REALLY saying and he helps me see things from a higher perspective. He also provides clear direction on what my next steps could be in my quest to feel closer to God, myself, and others.

Ann O.

He’s got a heart of gold and a seemingly endless supply of compassion, empathy and patience. Scott has been an amazing source of support, caring, and understanding as he’s helped guide me through many challenges.

Joy H.

Scott is a wonderful resource for any life situation you may be going through. He is genuinely caring and will give you top notch support and strong mentoring, regardless of your situation.

Gwen K.

A safe place for healing on many levels. Scott Bennion is a super-authentic, heart-centered leader in spiritual and practical relationship matters. I recommend Scott to anyone who wants to find long lasting and practical answers to relationships issues.

Kimberly K.

Scott is gentle, kind and has the kind of wisdom you get from life experience combined with his unique and varied education. He is truly a gift.

Cheryl M.

How I got here is a very long story, but my resume sums it up nicely.
You can see my accomplishments listed below.


We all start somewhere, and for me that was school.

Doctor of Ministry in Integrative Chaplaincy
(Integrating Spirituality & Mental Health)

expected completion 2024
Vanderbilt Divinity School

Clinical Pastoral Education
(Psycho-Spiritual Dynamics & Interpathic Counseling)

College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy

Masters in Divinity

Phoenix Seminary

Bachelors of Science in Philosophy

University of Utah

Credentials, Certifications, & Training

In addition to the education above I continue to better myself through continuing education and training. I have listed some additional credentials, certifications, and training that you may find valuable in determining if I am the right fit for your needs.

Whole Health Coach

The Veterans Health Administration Office of Patient Centered Care & Cultural Transformation

Board-Certified Pastoral Counselor
Board-Certified Clinical Chaplain

Center for Spiritual Care and Pastoral Formation

Endorsed Minister for Specialized Ministries

Federation of Christian Ministries

Ordained Presbyter

Continuing Evangelical Episcopal Communion

Facilitator, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

The Gottman Institute

Level 1 Instructor, iRest (Integrative Restoration) Yoga Nidra

The iRest Institute

Facilitator, Building Spiritual Strength

The Veterans Health Administration: A Program for U.S. Service Members and Veterans


My training includes focus on such areas as secure functioning relationships, sacred sexuality, sexual discipleship, and healing and empowerment. Some of the relationship and education modalities I use are: ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), MI (Motivational Interviewing), PST (Problem Solving Therapy), and NVC (Non-Violent Communication.) I actively incorporate each person’s faith and spirituality into their process of healing, growth, and transformation. I enjoy working with people from a variety of faiths, cultures, and backgrounds.

In addition to my work as a pastoral counselor, I work bi-vocationally as a clinical chaplain at the Phoenix VA Medical Center. My spouse and I also speak on occasion in faith communities and churches. We offer workshops that are psycho-spiritual and educational in nature, providing the necessary structure, motivation, and accountability for personal, spiritual, and relational growth. Whatever the workshop topic there is an underlying focus on some aspect(s) or cultivation of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, compassionate communication, conscious relationships and sexuality, and viewing all of life as spiritual practice.

My own formation is not merely academic. It comes from a desire to come alongside others after having gone through my own dark night of the soul in matters related to my relationships, sexuality, and spirituality. All of this ultimately led to my own refiner’s fire. In other words, “I am no stranger to the rain.” I know what it’s like to feel abandoned by friends, family, church, and even God. I know what it is like to wander, to feel far from home, and to experience the existential and spiritual pain associated with “church hurt.” I also know what it is like to find healing and transformation on the other side. My faith has been renewed and I have a greater sense of God’s goodness.

This along with my theological training and non-judgmental approach gives me an outreach that is broad, including to those who have been wounded by the institutional church and/or spiritual communities. I serve those who find themselves on the borderlands of religion. I have both pastoral and lay leadership experience from serving churches within various Christian communities. I am familiar with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well, having been born and a part of this faith tradition and culture until my early 30’s.


Let’s Connect. Join my mailing list to receive my newsletter that comes out on occasion and to stay in the loop about current workshop offerings and coaching/counseling packages.

Relationships, Sexuality, Spirituality

Sex, Love, More, And Sexuality
Sex, Love, More, And Spirituality
Polyamorous Relationship
Open Hands, Spirituality
Sex, Love, More, Male Couple
Couple In Sunset
Hand Over Peaceful Water
Spiritual Growth, Tree In Sunlight
Sex, Love, More, And Relationships

For more information, please download my pricing PDF. I look forward to working with you.


scott bennion

Send me a note, and let’s get started today!
I look forward to coming alongside you as you make this investment in yourself.


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